Even if there are many things you can still do with an old graphics card, a lot still depends on how old it is and what shape it is in right now. For older and highly out-of-date graphics cards, you can still use them for a few tasks as long as it is working. The system requirements for most popular free-to-play games are ten years behind the state of the art. This is because games of this type depend on their addictive gameplay and make it available to practically everyone with a functional personal computer.

An old graphics card can still support playing these games on the lowest level. It depends on the version or model of your graphics card. You should examine the age of your graphics card as you continue reading this article to determine whether the solutions below are still relevant for you. Regardless of age, you can still use your old graphics card for a few programs. Other than that, you may still be able to sell it, but generally speaking, it will only be valid if it is still relevant and capable of running the newest games. Reading this article lets you learn what to do with old graphics card.

What to do with old graphics card?

Instead of throwing away your old graphics card, let’s look at what you can do with it!

1. Give it to a needy person. 

However, there’s always the chance of giving your graphics card to a friend in need. Why not donate it to charity if you know someone who can’t afford a brand-new, high-end graphics card? You could donate your GPU to initiatives like Folding @ home and use it for good. By recreating protein motions, this distributed computing effort helps researchers search for treatments for various ailments. Another option is to install this outdated GPU on a different PC and donate its processing power to this cause.

2: Sell it on several marketplaces

Selling it is the clear first step, so. Depending on where you live, you can sell your old graphics card on eBay, Amazon, and other online stores like craigslist. Many of the most recent graphics cards are still relatively expensive, so that you can make some extra cash. Due to the latest graphics cards' rapidly improved performance, older graphics cards don’t sell for as much money. As a result, unless selling a graphics card can indeed net you a respectable profit, we don’t advise doing so. Cheaper, older, and lower-end graphics cards don’t sell as well.

3. Use it as an additional GPU.

When you think about it, a computer is an all-in-one gadget. It need not be a standard personal computer where you may play games, access the internet, or even perform work. A personal computer can be set up as an addition to your TV. What is displayed on your PC can be projected or mirrored onto your TV. For older televisions with lower resolutions, this would be a blessing.

4. Make it a part of your virtual gaming setup.

You may use an old graphics card to play classic console games. If you only download it, you may use this ancient computer to run an emulator, such as PCSX2. The game’s version limits this emulator’s resolution and quality. If you’re a die-hard gamer, this is the best-case situation. You need hard disc space and a decent GPU to store all this information.

5. Replace it with other hardware.

You could switch your graphics card for a particular piece of hardware if you need it instead of selling your graphics card. You might discover someone ready to trade their gear for your GPU because graphics cards and other silicon-made items are hard to come by. People open to trading can be found in online forums like specialized Facebook and Reddit groups. If selling is not an option for you, you might try your luck here and find someone who has your desired component and wants your GPU.

6. Change the graphics card.

If you’re interested in working with computer hardware to get experience and learn about it, modifying can be a great pastime. You could remove the graphics card and swap its parts for newer, better-equipped ones. You should be aware that modifying your outdated GPU may violate your warranty. It’s okay to be inventive with an old GPU if you’re confident it serves no purpose. The fans, the backplate, the heatsink, and even the cover may all be changed.

7. Keep it as a spare part.

You might not need to reuse your graphics card if you don’t frequently upgrade it. Simply keep it around as a backup in case anything happens. Alternatively, you may employ it to check whether a computer can handle a particular game. Your old GPU will lose value faster the longer you keep it.

8.  Keep it for future use.

Putting your graphics card back for later usage is a simple solution. Your outdated graphics card might come in handy at any time. If your graphics card fails, it might be a functional testing tool and backup. Remember that your graphics card cost will most certainly drop throughout this period, so consider whether you would prefer to use it or sell it.

9.  Recycle it. 

If you have an Nvidia card, you can have the recycling processed by one of their authorized E-waste dealers. Some physical retailers, like Best Buy, also provide electronic recycling sections. Find businesses that can recycle these parts and get rid of the leftovers in an environmentally friendly manner.

10. Other uses

You can try other things with your old PC if you don’t want to use the graphics card. One choice is to connect it to your PC and use it as an electronic machine. You may use it to mine cryptocurrency, though it is not advised due to regulatory restrictions and expensive electricity.

Tips on how to sell your old graphics card

  • Make sure your used graphics card is worth selling before you sell it.
  • You could be better off keeping it for emergencies if you can’t sell it for a profit.
  • Check the pricing on Amazon or eBay with a fast online search.
  • Establishing a price range that is the average of all the costs you find across various markets is preferable.
  • You want to provide a reasonable and affordable price for everyone to buy it.
  • You may need to charge commissions or sign-up fees in addition to the price.
  • You could also divide the cost of a new graphics card by the years it has been in use to get a rough estimate of the selling price.
  • Now double this amount by two and add it to the amount you arrived at by dividing the price by the number of years.
  • A second-hand graphics card may be purchased for this price.
  • Additionally, you can charge more to allow for a discount.
  • It’s time to list the item attractively to draw customers after deciding on the price.
  • Provide clients with detailed specifications, high-quality images, and a clear description of the item’s condition.
  • The photographs must be clear and taken from various perspectives to show the physical state of the card and its accessories.
  • List the card’s gaming capabilities by estimating the settings needed to play particular games.
  • The GPU should be packaged carefully after the sale to ensure the buyer receives it undamaged and in good shape.
  • You could have to return it damaged to get your money back, which would leave you with a GPU that isn’t working.


Graphics cards have historically been one of a computer’s most popular and vital parts. It makes sense that if an old graphics card has been in use for longer than 4-5 years, it is already money well spent. By that reasoning, it should be simpler to let it go even if there is no financial gain. The majority of people choose to give it to their friends instead of selling it on eBay because of this. Your old graphics card can be used for a few different things. If your old graphics card is good, we advise selling it if you’re wondering what to do with it. The other choices are fine, but a lot depends on your tastes.

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