Whether is SLI worth it depends on your specific use case and preferences. It can be worth it for users who prioritize the highest possible graphics performance and play games that support SLI if they have the budget and hardware compatibility. On the other hand, SLI is not generally worth it for most users as it can be expensive, consume more power, generate more heat, and not all games support it.

The debate between the two graphics cards has been going on for years, and many argue that SLI is a “dead” technology. Well, SLI isn’t dead, and it’s good for a handful of gamers at the forefront of gaming, but SLI is not an intelligent investment for most gamers today. If you’re looking for performance boosts and better graphics, most should invest in one powerful GPU rather than doubling the number of GPUs.

Key Takeaways

  • Whether is SLI worth it depends on the user’s specific use case and preferences. SLI technology can improve graphics performance, accuracy, and aesthetics, especially for users with high-resolution monitors and demanding games.
  • But SLI can be expensive, consume more power, generate more heat, and not all games support it. SLI also experiences diminishing returns, requires additional power consumption, and not all games support it.

Benefits of SLI GPU


SLI is a technology that can significantly improve graphics performance, especially when using high-resolution displays with high refresh rates. The primary benefit of SLI is that it allows multiple graphics cards to work together to render more frames per second and maintain high performance even in demanding situations.

At lower resolutions like 1080p, the benefits of SLI may not be noticeable. Still, as the resolution increases to 4k (3840x2160) or 8k (7680x4320), the additional processing power becomes necessary to maintain a smooth gameplay. High-resolution monitors with high refresh rates, such as 144Hz, require considerable GPU power to render all the pixels and frames without stuttering or lag.

In these scenarios, SLI is the only way to ensure that the graphics card can keep up with the demands of the monitor and achieve maximum settings. With SLI, multiple graphics cards can work in parallel, splitting the workload and improving performance.

Without SLI, a single graphics card may struggle to deliver the required performance, leading to stuttering, low frame rates, and other issues that can negatively impact the gaming experience. Therefore, SLI can be a valuable investment for users who have high-resolution monitors and want to play games at maximum settings with a smooth and flawless performance.

Graphics Accuracy

One of the benefits of SLI is that it allows users to maintain a playable frame rate even when running the game at a higher refresh rate than the monitor typically allows. This means that users can experience a smoother and more responsive gameplay experience while still enjoying the benefits of improved graphics fidelity.

In the absence of SLI, maintaining a high frame rate while improving graphics fidelity can be challenging, and often sacrifices must be made. For example, users may need to reduce the resolution or graphics quality to achieve a playable frame rate, resulting in a less visually appealing game.

However, with SLI, multiple graphics cards can distribute the workload and improve performance, allowing users to enjoy high graphical fidelity and a playable frame rate. As a result, SLI technology can be a valuable investment for gamers who want the best possible graphics quality and performance in their games.


SLI can give a gaming rig an impressive look that can make it stand out from the crowd. Installing two graphics cards can create a visually stunning effect that will impress anyone who sees it. Even those not fans of SLI technology cannot deny the appeal of having two graphics cards together in a PC.

While aesthetics may not be the primary reason to choose SLI, it is certainly a bonus that adds to the overall appeal of the system. If you are already considering adding an extra graphics card to your PC, then the visual impact of SLI is an added benefit that you may want to consider.

Having an SLI setup can be particularly useful for those who want to showcase their PC, such as gamers who participate in eSports tournaments or streamers who showcase their gaming setup on their channel. It can be a great way to demonstrate your system’s power and impress viewers with performance and aesthetics.

Cons of SLI

Diminishing Returns

You might think that having two graphics cards will double your performance. Unfortunately, that’s not true. For twice the price of a single GPU, you’re simply not getting twice the level of performance. It is beneficial but not commensurate with how much you would spend on an additional graphics card.

The question is, is SLI good for gaming? As the number of GPUs added increases, the benefit diminishes. In other words, the benefits of adding a third GPU are far less than the benefits of adding a second GPU. Regarding productivity solutions, SLI doesn’t offer much value for money.

Power Consumption

Multiple graphics cards require a lot of power, so don’t be surprised if you will hit a staggering electricity bill next month! Installing two video cards also significantly increases heat dissipation. Ensure your computer has the appropriate hardware to handle this power consumption and heat dissipation.

You may need to buy a new PSU that can provide the power to obtain the best SLI performance. Increased heat can be a problem, especially in a hot climate. Overall, if you want to use the SLI, you should be willing to spend a lot of money. We believe the benefits are not enough to justify the high operating costs.

Not all Games Support SLI

The main downside of SLI is that your game must support SLI to benefit from it. In fact, developers need to add a line of code to their game to support SLI, after which Nvidia must publish an SLI profile. If you are running non-SLI games, you don’t have to use a second graphics card.

But how many games support SLI? Fewer games support SLI these days. As SLI’s popularity declined, developers shifted their focus from including SLI support to improving other aspects of their code. SLI does not offer any additional benefits when playing these games.

How To Enable SLI Support?

If you’re still interested in getting started with the SLI setup on your PC after getting used to the pros and cons, the good news is that setting up SLI isn’t that difficult. However, this requires specific equipment and considerable money.

1. Get Two Graphics Cards

The very first thing you’ll need is two video cards. But the SLI will only work if your graphics cards have two things in common. Both GPUs must be based on the same GPU unit and have the same amount of onboard memory.

It means, for example, you cannot connect a 4GB video card to an 8GB video card. Two 4GB or 8GB cards are required. Similarly, you cannot utilize two GPUs with two distinct GPUs. Manufacturers may vary, but make sure all cards are based on the same GPU.

2. SLI-capable operating system

You need an SLI-capable operating system that supports using multiple graphics cards to use SLI technology. This is necessary because the operating system must recognize and distribute the workload across multiple graphics cards. Without an SLI-capable operating system, the extra graphics card will not be utilized, and you will not see any performance improvement.

3. Enough Power

You need to ensure your PC has a power supply that can provide enough power for your graphics card to ensure your SLI setup runs smoothly. This is important because graphics cards are power-hungry components, and insufficient power can cause performance issues or damage your hardware.

4. Other requirements

In addition to the above, to use SLI, you also need a certified high-performance motherboard with two PCIe X16 slots and an SLI bridge to connect the two graphics cards. These components can be expensive, and setting up an SLI system can quickly add up.

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