The cost to ship a motherboard varies depending on several factors, things, and scenarios. It depends on several factors, including the size and weight of the motherboard, the distance it needs to be shipped, and the shipping method. The value of the motherboard and any insurance or additional services also affect it. Therefore, we’ll tell you the estimated shipping costs, factors affecting factors, tips, and more. Let’s read!

Key Takeaways

  • A motherboard may cost between $10-$200, depending on a few factors.
  • The shipping cost varies depending on the motherboard size, weight, shipping distance, process, import duties, and insurance.
  • You must consider all these factors when shipping a motherboard and figuring out its costs.

How much does it cost to ship a motherboard?

A motherboard can cost $10 and $200 to ship, though you may encounter lower or higher costs. . The weight/size of your shipment, the type of service you want to utilize, and the shipment’s final destination are often the main factors to consider; different shipping firms or messenger services impose other fees.

Although most motherboards are lightweight, heavier packages, such as those that contain multiple motherboards, typically cost more than lighter ones. You will pay more for a large shipment than for a small one. Shipping firms typically charge you more for international shipments than domestic or local ones since they are subject to import duties and customs fees.

Additionally, using an express service instead of a regular one increases shipping costs. Delivery times for express services are shorter than those for regular services. Shipments of motherboards, domestically and internationally, often take days to a week. Let’s read what factors affect motherboard shipment cost!

What factors affect motherboard shipment cost?

The following are the factors that affect the motherboard shipment cost.

Motherboard Size

It’s no secret that a PC’s size can affect the shipping cost. But how much does size matter? It’s crucial to remember that other factors besides box size affect shipping prices. Other essential factors to consider are the box’s weight and the distance it must go.

Larger packages often pay more delivery costs than smaller ones. This is because they use more resources and often need more extensive shipping techniques, which are more expensive. Therefore, it is best to use a minor PC case to save shipping costs.


PCs can be very heavy, especially if they are built with large motherboards and graphics cards. A heavy PC must be shipped in larger, more secure packaging, raising the delivery cost. When calculating the shipping cost, the PC’s weight is essential. A PC’s weight impacts how much it costs to ship.

The cost of shipping a PC differs depending on the location. Shipping a PC to a nation with a higher standard of life will be more expensive than shipping it to one with a lower standard of living. A PC will cost more to send to a country with more vital import duties than a country with less strict trade rules.

Shipping distance

It would help if you took the distance the PC travels when calculating the shipping cost. The price will be higher if it is a long trip than a short distance. This is because the PC will require more fuel to transport over longer distances.

This is because shipping a PC over a long distance is more expensive due to higher fuel and labor costs. The PC’s size and weight should also be considered when calculating the delivery cost. It will cost more to ship a large, heavy computer than a tiny, light one.

Shipping Process

When shipping a PC elsewhere, several options are available. Express, air, and ground are the types used most. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages that could affect shipping prices. Ground delivery is the cheapest option, but it can take up to two weeks for the PC to arrive.

Even though air shipping is more expensive, it is far faster than ground shipping and can deliver the PC in a few days. Express shipment is the quickest and most expensive option for getting a PC to its location. Express shipping is the best option for urgent cases because it can get the PC there in only a few hours.

Import Tax

The import duties of various nations can significantly impact the cost of computer exporting. Import taxes must typically be paid to ship a PC to another country. These taxes vary greatly by nation, which drives up the price of computer shipping. However, there are a few ways to avoid paying import taxes.

One is to ship the PC as a gift compared to a retail item. This can occasionally avoid taxes, but it only sometimes works. Employing a shipper who manages overseas shipments is another strategy to avoid paying import taxes.


The cost of insurance may affect the shipping price when shipping a PC. Without insurance, the risk of damage to the PC must be assumed by the sender. Due to this, shipping costs may increase, and there may be issues if the PC is damaged in transit.

However, buying insurance can reduce the cost of shipping while also giving you peace of mind because the PC will be insured in the event of damage.

Quick tips when shipping a motherboard

The motherboard is a crucial but sensitive piece of technology. Motherboards are small and have several external parts essential to their operation. Due to them, motherboards are especially vulnerable to shipping-related handling damage. To guarantee that the motherboard you ship arrives in working condition, follow these procedures.

  • Use socket covers: To prevent damage to the pins, use socket covers for each of the six sockets on a motherboard. Use socket covers to protect the pins in each socket.

  • Use good-quality packaging: Anti-static bags stop static energy from generating, which can lead to electrical surges and severely harm the motherboard. To ensure that the bag fits your motherboard properly, double-check its dimensions.

  • Your original box will still fit your motherboard if you’ve managed to keep it longer than a year. If not, a selection of packages can securely contain your motherboard in a brand-new box.

  • One of the safest measures you can take is double boxing. Locate a second box that is slightly larger than the first. Place the first box into the second box, filling any gaps, and then cover the first box with bubble packaging or insert foam at each edge of the second box.


A motherboard may cost you around $10 to $200, depending on weight, distance, shipping process, import duties, and more. You must be aware of the cost involved with shipping a PC. Several factors affect how much it costs to send a computer. 

However, there are several inexpensive options. If you want to transport a PC for less money, you need to think about the PC’s size, weight, travel distance, and shipping method. You can transport a motherboard safely if you follow our instructions and the advice above.

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